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RBS Customer ServiceOften abbreviated as simply RBS, the Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the oldest and largest banks within the United Kingdom and Ireland. This organisation is controlled by the parent company The Royal Bank of Scotland Group and currently, there are more than 700 branches in existence. While the bulk of these are found within Scotland, there are also numerous subsidiaries in both England and Wales. As of the latest estimate, RBS employs more than 92,000 individuals and the firm was founded in 1727. It should be noted here that the Royal Bank of Scotland has no affiliation with the Bank of Scotland; the latter being 32 years older.

Services Offered by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Much like any large financial institution, RBS provides its customers with a number of services. These are tailored to commercial, business and personal clients. There are also a number of wealth management options available for those who wish to control their investments from a more stable foundation. One interesting feature that is considered to be rather unique in terms of service is that RBS operates what are known as “mobile branches”. These are literally converted vans which have been outsourced to provide access to those within rural locations. There are 19 of these vans in current operation. RBS customer services will be able to inform its customers where they are located.

Other Financial Instruments.

RBS Customer Services cash machineAlthough the best way to appreciate what the RBS have to offers, is to utilise a dedicated RBS contact number, it is still worth noting some of its primary fiscal services. Dedicated loans, mortgages and insurance products are three examples here. However, the Royal Bank of Scotland also offer a host of different investment strategies. These can be based around business or personal needs. Some of the products provided include.

  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs).
  • Junior ISAs for those who may have children.

As these investments are spread over a wide range of underlying assets, they are able to offer a superior level of financial stability when compared to traditional open-market positions. Bonds, equities and cash are some of the underlying assets which comprise these Individual Savings Accounts. Further details can be obtained by speaking with a trained RBS customer service representative.

The RBS MyRewards Programme.

RBS also provides a system known as MyRewards. Simply stated, this package helps clients to accrue cash when their bills are paid by direct debit. They estimate that its customers currently earn approximately £120 pounds per year in these rewards. Once the value of these rewards exceeds £5 pounds, they can be automatically converted into cash. These funds can then be used towards a credit card balance or instead, the customer can choose to deposit them directly into his or her account. These rewards can be earned by paying seven different types of bills which include.

  • Broadband.
  • Gas.
  • Electricity.
  • Television packages.
  • Council tax.
  • Mobile phones.
  • Landlines.

Additionally, RBS provides further rewards for customers who choose to do business with its “partner retailers”.

For more details or to address any additional questions, it is advisable to use the appropriate RBS customer services number. A representative will be quite happy to address any additional issues that you may have.

Royal Bank of Scotland plc.
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36 St Andrew Square.
United Kingdom.
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RBS Customer Services 0843 455 0000.


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